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Happy lohri 2019 | Lohri images | Lohri wishes |  Happy lohri gif

Lohri 2019 is a festival full of Rewari, peanut and lava coming in just a few days. This festival filled with dance and songs is celebrated not only in Punjab but also in Haryana, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal. On this day, the fire is lit by gathering woods outside intersections or houses.

happy lohri images

Happy lohri images

happy lohri 2019 images

Happy lohri 2019 images

happy lohri gif

Happy lohri gif

lohri wishes in hindi

Lohri wishes in hindi

happy lohri wishes punjabi

Happy lohri wishes punjabi

happy lohri wishes

Happy lohri wishes

happy lohri and makar sankranti wishes

Happy lohri and makar sankranti wishes

lohri wishes in english

Lohri wishes in english

lohri images

Lohri images

happy lohri images 2019

Happy lohri images 2019

Lohri is a festival celebrated widely in Punjab with gaiety, chivalry and pomp. It also marks the end of winter season and the onset of spring. It is celebrated after sunset by lighting a bonfire, worshipping it and offering seasonal treats like sesame sweets, popcorn and peanuts to the flames. Folks sing Punjabi folk songs and dance to the beats of traditional drum known as dhol.


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lohri gif

lohri gif

lohri greeting cards

Lohri greeting cards

lohri picture

Lohri picture

happy lohri 2018

Happy lohri 2018

happy lohri 2019

Happy lohri 2019

happy lohri images download

Happy lohri images download

happy lohri in punjabi

Happy lohri in punjabi

happy lohri pics

happy lohri pics

happy lohri pictures

Happy lohri pictures

happy lohri sms

Happy lohri sms

The Lohri festival is celebrated with great zeal and fervour in most parts of northern India, especially Punjab and Haryana, on 13 January every year. During the leap years, Lohri is celebrated on either 12 or 14 January.

happy lohri wallpaper

Happy lohri wallpaper

happy lohri wishes punjabi

Happy lohri wishes punjabi

happy lohri

Happy lohri

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Images of happy lohri

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Images of lohri festival

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Lines on lohri in punjabi language

lohri 2019

Lohri 2019

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Lohri bumper 2017

lohri bumper 2019

Lohri bumper 2019

lohri cards

Lohri cards

Happy lohri wallpaper | Lohri quotes | Happy lohri photos

The day is considered to be auspicious for newly-married couples and to-be-parents. People often wish for prosperity as they toss corn, sesame seeds, rice and jaggery into the flames.

lohri drawing

Lohri drawing

lohri festival in hindi

Lohri festival in hindi

lohri festival photos

Lohri festival photos

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Lohri images free download

lohri in hindi

Lohri in hindi

lohri in punjabi language

Lohri in punjabi language

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Lohri invitation cards

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Lohri message

lohri photo

Lohri photo

lohri wishes in english

Lohri wishes in english

During cultural events, traditional dance forms Bhangra and Gidda, folk songs, etc. are performed to mark the occasion.  Not only this, on this day all the Punjabi Dhol also perform a lot of dance songs. If you are celebrating Lohri this year or if any of your friends is celebrating Lohadi then definitely be sure to send them this message.

happy lohri quotes

Happy lohri quotes

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Quotes on lohri

lohri photos

Lohri photos

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Lohri pic

lohri pics

Lohri pics

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Lohri png

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Lohri quotes

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Lohri scene

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lohri vector

lohri wallpaper

Lohri wallpaper

Sardi ki thartharahat mein,
moongfali, rewari aur
gur ki mitha ke saath,
lohri mubaarak ho ho ho
rasttey ki garmahat ke saath.

Mithaa gurh te vich mil gayeya til
udhi te khil geya
dil har paal sukh te vere shanti paao
rabb agge dua tusi lohri
khushiyan naal manaao!

lohri wishes in punjabi

Lohri wishes in punjabi

lohri wishes punjabi

Lohri wishes punjabi

lohri wishes

Lohri wishes

pics of lohri

Pics of lohri

pictures of lohri

Pictures of lohri

punjab state lohri bumper 2019

Punjab state lohri bumper 2019

punjabi lohri invitation cards

Punjabi lohri invitation cards

lohri sms

Lohri sms

lohri background

Lohri background

images of lohri

Images of lohri

The New Year 2019 has started and we won’t stop from throwing ourselves headfirst into the upcoming festivals in January 2019. In India, we are frankly spoilt for choice when it comes to festive celebrations, and January is no exception.