Best hindi video songs for whatsapp status

Best Hindi Video Songs for Whatsapp Status and How to Upload Them

Best hindi video songs for whatsapp status and how to upload them

Best hindi video songs for whatsapp status, hindi video songs free download high quality, cute love video song, short romantic shayari and few more important things we are about to discuss in this article.

Best hindi video songs for whatsapp status

Best hindi video songs for whatsapp status

Are you thinking of uploading interesting videos and music on your Whatsapp status in celebration of an event, a festive period or to express what you feel? If your intention is to flee from the typical festive greetings on Whatsapp and do it in a more original way, pay attention to the content in this article. We’ll explain how you can put videos and music in your Whatsapp status and also present to you some Hindi video songs free download high quality  which can be made via YouTube.

Uploading spectacular videos is possible and can be done in the following ways:

How to upload a song video on Whatsapp

To put up a short video on the platform, you simply have to access the application, enter Whatsapp Status and press the record button. The message can be decided by you. If you want to introduce some emotional text about any event or any activity of yours, you can download it from where you found it and upload it to the status. Perhaps, it could be montages with the photo of a festival that is going on around Mumbai. Remember that there is a limitation on the duration of the video.

To select a particular fragment of a video, you can download applications such as Peggo, Quotespics, etc. although any video editor available in AppStore or Google Play Store is also useful. When you cut it, go to ‘Status’ and upload it from the gallery. All this can be done from the new Whatsapp Status model.

And if you want to put music or a song fragment, you must go to ‘Status’ and click on it to add something new. At the same time, while you have the application open, you can access the usual tool with which you use to listen to music.

Find your song, play it and quickly return to Whatsapp Status to keep the record button as if it were a video. So that no image is displayed, simply cover the lens of the camera with your hand. This way you have the trick on how to record just any song on Whatsapp.

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