Top 30 Killer Good Night SMS Messages Sayings Thoughts

Top 30 Killer Good Night SMS Messages Sayings Thoughts

Today we have bought for you hand picked top 30 killer Good Night SMS Messages Sayings Thoughts which you can use to greet, share and do much more. In case the below discussed are not enough to satisfy your hunger, you can refer to our collection of Sweet dreams & good night sms messages.


Good Night SMS Messages Sayings Thoughts

Top 30 Killer Good Night SMS Messages Sayings Thoughts

Top 30 Killer Good Night SMS Messages Sayings Thoughts are as below:-

Good Night SMS:

1) Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight,

Let the sweetest person some in your dream tonight…

But don’t make it a habit because I’m not

free every night 😇
Good night…..


2)  😇👌The Greatest Message👌😇

“God does not even appear …
How do I believe?” Good response … Belief is
like a Wi-Fi … It does not look like …
But if you put the correct password then you get connected. ”

🌺 Good night🌺

3)  ❤Never lets laugh, this life is always crying, this life is about to leave.
No complete breaks in pleasure, no complete breaks in sadness,
just leave where there is a comma, keep it decorated with love, keep
heart with heart, what is to be taken away ..❤

🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

4) Not self-centered, but if you can pull someone’s pain then try it … What the world is, the God himself 👍👻👌will also like that picture .

🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

5) Do not fall away from desire, in the flower bed, the branch of karma should be shaken.

Nothing will be done to banish the darkness, the lamp of its part will be lit by itself

💐🌻 GOOD Night 🌻💐

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Good Night Messages:

6) The  ✏good nature is the one who makes the beloved of all forever!
How to get away from someone’s good disposition rough moment
to soon become memories .. so its nature of mankind which is the biggest wealth

🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

7) You have to calculate, according to your own calculations, but will take up the account, according to your
own opinion .. How accurate and inaccurate we are in life, only two person knows
“Parmatma” and “Antaratma”. “GOD” and “CONSCIENCE”

🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

8) The ignorant person wants to be bigger by concealing the mistake …

And the wise person wants to become bigger by eradicating the mistake …
🌾🍁good night🍁🌾

9)  Humans should 🙏🏻never
be proud of their times,
because at the moment there was not
even the notes which once
held the power to
buy the whole market.

🙏🙏 Good night🙏🙏

10) Sometimes don;t take selfie, but try to take out someone’s pain,

What is this world, the God himself will like your picture 👍👌

🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

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Good Night Sayings and Lines:

11) Neither this body belongs to you nor you are of the body. It is made up of fire, water, air, earth and sky, and it will be found in it.

But the soul is Amar Immortal … # Bhagvat_Gita

🙏 Good night🙏

12)  🌹I am not a flower, But I know the excitement, Without crying I Know the pain ..

People are pleased with me … Because……. I know how to perform relationship even without meeting 💞
💐good night💐

13) Night doesn’t wait for morning”, *” Smell doesn’t waits for season. ” * “Enjoy whichever happiness pleases you,” ”

Because life does not wait for the time”. Goodnight,

14) By blowing up …
we can weigh the lamp …!
But … not a fragrance stick … because
the fragrance that spreads …
can not be extinguished … !!
🌹Good night🌹

15) Who took his mind;
He does not need any other tool.

Who knew himself;
She does not want to know anyone else.

Who won his mind;
He does not need to win anybody else.
🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

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Good Night Thoughts:

16) The sky is lost in stars where each and every star, Looks like a cute one,

One of the stars is the most lovable star, Who is currently reading this SMS … good night !
🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

17)✍🏻Half of sorrow in life: comes
from expecting from the wrong people
❗And half of the rest comes from
doubting the true people

✍🏻The mirror is very weak but it does not panic to show the truth

🎄👈🏼 Good night 👉🏼🎄

18) 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

✍🏻The world’s largest scientist is looking for whether life is on Mars or not, But the man is not finding that there is a peace in life or not.

🎄👈🏼 good night 👉🏼🎄💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

19) Do not ✖teach us 🚭how to live life ,
you 💰live life to earn money,
and we live to 😊keep you happy.


20) At night 🌇 Moon ✅ will be 👉# seen🌙#
# In dreams 🌟her face # 👰 will be visible # 👀
👉This is someone’s 👫# love 💑full ✅🌹# Gud_night 😴 💌#Message 📝
# If not responded ❌then in her ✍dreams 😴# ghost will 👹show up 👀will Kkk 👹
Good #night

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Good Night Quotes:

21)  ✍🏻 ✍🏻 ✍🏻

When I extended my hand of friendship once,
Then I did not count how many times someone betrayed me
...... ✍🏻
💐💐 💐.

🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

22) An angel comes secretly at night!
Dreams of some happiness brings a fairy!
Says that you lose in the lap of dreams …
all sorts of forgetfulness go to sleep!
good night

23)  👋You caught the flute and we
caught you ..!
You can not leave it and we can not leave you ..!
The thing is binding, Kanhaiya ..!
You have to keep it and you also have to.
🌹🌹 🙏🏻Hail lord krishna🙏🏻🌹🌹

24) If you lose everything, but still you have the courage to do something. Then, understand You have not lost anything…. !!!

🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

25) There are many arts in this world,

And this art is the best art,
touching the heart of others .. !!
🌾🍁Good night🍁🌾

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Good Night Messages for Friends:

26) Do not stay where you are tolerated; Stay there, where your praise is appreciated; where you are congratulated and greeted ..🙏🙏🌹

🌾🍁Good night friends🍁🌾

27) A little bit of Pride is also important to survive in this world,

Because if you lean more, this world will make your back a foothold for it.

🌾🍁Good night my dear friend🍁🌾

28) To give a knock on someone’s eyes a dream is coming
is going to be a dream, the news has come that the dream is going to come true
I have asked the dream to gently go to the eyelids, because my sweetest friend is just sleeping .. !!
Good night friend

29) Not in tales, nor in installments … .. * The beauty of life, is in relationships … * Maintain them …
Good night friends

30) After winning, the whole world embraces … But the one who embraces after losing is your true mate.

🌾🍁Good night my dear lovely friend🍁🌾


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