Best Dream Catcher Quotes

An old Sioux Indian legend said that Dream Catchers were hung in lodges and teepees to assure peaceful dreams. The good dreams knowing the way, slip through the webbing and slide down the soft feather to the sleeper. The bad dreams not knowing the way to become entangled in the web and melt at the first light of day. So, today we have brought for you hand picked collection of Dream Catcher Quotes.


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Dream Catcher Quotes – Some people are like beautiful Dream Catchers, adsorbing the most terrible things for those they love and leaving them only the softest thoughts behind.

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Quotes on Dream Catcher – Every so often a Dream Catcher must be emptied of the nightmares it has caught. Who does it and what do they see?

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Cute Dream Catcher Quotes – Dream Catchers are believed to bless the “Sleeping Ones” with pleasant dreams good luck and harmony through their lives…

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To catch your Dream you must Chase it.

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Let go of your fears and chase after your Dreams like a Dream Catcher.

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Only an open heart can catch a Dream.

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May all your Dreams come true

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Dream Catcher with Quotes – Dont let someone else catch your Dreams. You be the Dream Catcher.

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